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International students shall register in our School as read in theAdmission Notice with the following documents:

1. Origional Admission Notice and Visa Application for Foreigners wishing to study in China ( JW 201 or JW 202 Form );

 2. If you are about to stay in China for longer than 6 months, you need prepare and bring the original copy of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners, which shall be stamped by a formal medical institution and signed by a physician.

  3. Valid passport and Visa;

  4. Other personal life necessities.


Other notes:

a.  Shandong Normal University (SDNU) situates in Ji’nan city of Shandong Province. You could take plane, train or coach to come.

b.  If you take train or coach, please take a taxi to the Foreign Student Building of the University from the train or coach station directly. You may show taxi driver the detailed address written in Chinese in Note C below. And it costs you about RMB 15-20 to arrive.

c.   If you take plane, you could choose to take a taxi from Ji’nan airport. You may show taxi driver the detailed address of Foreign Students Building of SDNU written in Chinese here.


And it costs you around  RMB 150 to arrive.

d.  The sentence in Chinese above reads: the detailed address is, Foreign Students Building of SDNU, from North Entrance of SDNU on Wenhua Road, going 50M eastwards, turning left and going 100M northwards, arrive. Tel: 0531-86189777, 86187075