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Shandong Normal University’s Drama "Orchid"


By our university, the faculty of music and art, cooperate with Shandong Province Drama Studio create a new drama called "Orchid". It was performance in Shandong provinceopera house and shocking all the audience in the theatre.

Our school party secretary Shang Zhixiao, deputy director of Shandong province cultural department, Sophia, Shandong art academy dean Zhang Jijiang deputy editor-in-chief Wang Ying, Shandong TV and radio stations in Shandong province, Shandong province, vice President of the institute


Shandong Normal Universitys students were rehearsing every day. Ballet "orchid" all the actors facing the challenge of modern dance, overcome difficulties and hard training, rehearse more than six hours a day, many performers foot out of the blisters, grinding out skin still training, reflects the high degree of professionalism and good style.   Ballet "orchid" in the capital theatre was performance three times, and then it went for a tour in the province.