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Excursion to Four-Gate Pegoda and Green-World Scenic Area


Over 50 overseas students in School of International Exchange (SIE), led by teachers, made an excursion to Four-Gate Pegoda and Green-World Scenic Area in the southern mountain area of Ji’nan city.

That morning, enchanting sunshine shone brightly while spring breeze blew gently. All the students were very excited about the trip. They were amazed when told that the Pegoda, the most ancient single-roofed stone pogoda in China, had a history of as long as 1,300 years. They all took out their cameras to keep the embodiment of eternity and vicissitudes. Then they visited the Green-World Scenic area, where teachers and students took part in such outreach and entertainment activities as seesaw, swing and crossing footlog and suspension bridge. Students from different countries and teachers enjoyed themselves with laughters breaking out from time to time.

As a successful outdoor class of the School, this activity provides a good opportunity for students to perceive the long history and bright civilization of China, and brings students into the nature to get relaxed. What’s more, it enhances the mutual understandings and friendship among teachers and students.